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Clothes for the Cause

Raise Funds For Your Team, Youth Group or Activities

We all have unwanted clothes that are either worn out, or no longer fit. Instead of throwing everything into the trash where they’ll simply add to our Nation’s growing landfills, give your clothes a second life by hosting a textile collection drive!

Clothes for the Cause collects ALL clothes – even stained, ripped, torn, burned or stretched out! 

A special one-day collection event can make a big difference! They will work with you to set up, promote and manage your eco-friendly textile collection drive, making it as easy and fun as possible.

Clothes for the Cause is a company that collects unwanted clothing and shoes and turns them into cash for your school, team or church group. Instead of becoming trash, these items are re-worn, reused or recycled both here in the US and abroad. Non-reusable clothes are recycled into insulation, wiping rags or are broken down to reclaimed fiber.

What Do They Do?
They give your group the tools you need to run a successful clothing drive. Your team will start by spreading the word to friends and family. But the real success happens when they reach out to the community and neighborhoods, going door-to-door. You collect the clothes on the appointed date and bring to them to the Clothes for the Cause truck. Fill the truck, and we write your team a check!

What’s the Benefit?
They will pay your team $.15 per pound for all the clothes and shoes that you collect. If you collect more than 10,000 pounds we will pay you $.20 per pound. What does that mean? $.15 per pound is about $3.50 for every large white Costco-type trash bag (about 24 pounds). $.20 per pound is about $5 for that same bag!

You have no inventory to keep, no sales to record, no lengthy sales cycle. There is NO LIMIT to how much we can take. You can keep filling the truck, and another will be there within minutes!

Unlike other fundraisers which require people to write checks, or donate time, this event costs the community nothing. EVERYONE has old clothes, shoes, towels, sheets, or bedspreads that they want to get rid of. You’ll collect the
bags directly from their driveway, making it effortless for the community to support your team. 

As textile recyclers, Clothes for the Cause can take clothes that are torn, stained, ripped or even burned. A single sock or shoe can be recycled. Items that most people would put in the trash because they think it can’t be re-worn can be recycled for its fiber. Not only does your team benefit, the environment does too!

What Do They Take?

• ALL clothes – even clothes that are stained,

ripped, torn, burned or stretched out

• Shoes – single or paired

• Towels

• Gloves & Hats

• Sheets

• Blankets, quilts and bedspreads

• Drapes

• Purses & Belts


All items need to be kept dry, so please put them

in, tightly tied plastic bags. Please mark your teams

name on the bag so we know it is for us.


 *They cannot take glass, breakables or electronics.