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GID Flag League Overview



We have 3 seasons a year: winter, spring and summer.


All games will be played in Newport Beach (field TBD) on Sundays.

Teams practice:

1-2 times a week on local fields and play one game a week.

Divisions: The league is compromised of 5 different divisions. There are no age or weight restrictions. 

Division 1: Kindergarten (coaches allowed on field)

Division 2: 1st & 2nd grades (coaches allowed on field)

Division 3: 3rd & 4th grades

Division 4: 5th & 6th grades

Division 5: 7th & 8th grades

Team Format:

Each team will consist of 8-10 players and participate in a 6 v 6 co-ed non-contact game. All players play an equal amount of time. Everyone sits one full quarter. Substitutions are only allowed at the quarter breaks unless there is an injury.


Coaches may hold up to two practices a week until Opening Day. After the season begins, only one practice a week will be allowed.


All referees are professionals and hired by GID Sports Flag League.

Game Details:

Games will start at 10:00am, 12pm or 2pm.  Games are 50 minutes. All regular season games are played on Sundays.

Opening Day: Will be held the first weekend of the season.  The WINTER season will consist of 6 games starting IN MARCH 2014 and ending IN APRIL 2014.  Each team will play a minimum of 1 post-season game in a single elimination playoff.  The following round of play off games will continue the next day and the Championship Game that night.  Trophies for all teams will be handed out after the Championship game.

Playoffs & Championship: Playoffs will use the college overtime rule.  A coin toss will determine possession and direction.  The ball is placed at 5-yard line (no run zone).  The offense has 3 plays to score +1 or 2 point extra points. After 3 plays if there is a score or not the opposing team has 3 plays to match or better the score to win the game. If the score is tied after the first overtime an additional overtime is played until a winner is decided. If ball is intercepted and returned for a touchdown, game is over.

Standings: Official league standings and playoff seedings* are determined based on the following:

1)      Win/Loss Winning PCT (All games are included)

2)      Head to Head

3)      Average Points Allowed per game

4)      Coin Flip

*NOTE – For playoffs, all 1st place teams get top seeds, and then the rule above is applied.